TRANSINTERNATIONAL CARGO., Is a major international freight forwarder specializing in the management of imports and exports of perishable and dry cargo, IATA Agents (since 1996), with 18 years experience in the market. Certified by the organization BASC (Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition), and processes comply with import requirements, export and regulations of the CAE.

Our headquarters is located in Quito Ecuador, we have offices in Miami, as well as in Bogota and Medellin.

Transinternational Cargo was established as International Freight in the year 1992. Since then, the company has developed a competitive advantage that has been to provide excellent rates and all the technical infrastructure and staff required to provide optimal service, which provides economic and operational benefits to our clients. The importance of meeting major logistical needs in the field of exporting and importing country. Backed by several years of experience in foreign trade, we quickly become strategic partners for economic growth and international success of many major companies of our country, national, international and multinational companies.

Due to the variety and coverage of our services, we deliver solutions to every sector of height, depending on the activity of its logistics businesses that rely on our experience and professionalism. Our activity is focused on sectors such as: flower plantations, fisheries, shrimp, textiles, ceramics, oil, mining, handicraft and others.




Av. Amazonas N49-215 y Juan HolguĂ­n Sector Aeropuerto | Email: info@ticargo.com | Phone: (593)2 2469 224/ 225/ 229 | Quito - Ecuador